About Us

Welcome to SPG Medisafe Private Limited

“Quality is never an accident; It is always the result of high intention, Sincere effort, intelligent direction and Skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.”
– William A. Foster

SPG Medisafe Pvt. Ltd. is a mumbai based diversified company that engages itself in research, innovation and development of medical devices of highest standards. SPG Medisafe employs a fundamental and Value driven approach towards the development of the health care products and medical devices. Quality, Accountability, Integrity, Transparency and Community are our core business principles, fundamental to the culture and success of SPG.

SPG Medisafe possesses its own manufacturing unit, an in-house R&D department- Anand Research Centre (ARC of Innovation) and an excellent network of dealers and distributors along with incredible marketing strategy.

All the products of SPG Medisafe are manufactured under registered brand names UROSAFE and MeSafe. The company and the brands have been formalized by renowned institutions, hospitals and doctors in India and abroad.

Our Mission & Vision


We are firm and passionate to provide our esteemed institutions, organizations and medical practitioners with a wide range of healthcare products meticulously detailed and designed to match the comfort and expectations, empowering the community and health industry at large. We are further committed to give new dimensions to the medical devices industry and healthcare systems around the globe.


Committed to become an eminent medical device company and a healthcare brand. Pursuing excellence through experience, dedication, smart and sustainable ways of work style for realizing the larger interest which is to serve the Global Healthcare & Pharma Industry.

SPG Medisafe values

Being a technology driven company, we are motivated by the desire to achieve our goals through sustainable business practices and ethics. Our employees, doctors, healthcare institutions, medical organizations trust in us is our top most desire and priority which empowers us & drives our core business values.


keeping up with the promises we make.


of highest standards in what we manufacture.


for our actions and duties.


as we are consistent with quality and commitment.


about our customers, employees, society and the industry.


giving more power to people connected to us.


in our business and personal conduct.


in our communication and reporting.


to revolutionize the device industry for a better tomorrow.